Project Management/Coordination

Project leadership is spread through the organization, encouraging interaction throughout the project duration. Teams are fluid, pairing needed resources, current expertise, and local leadership to guide current and emerging talent toward the successful attainment of each project goal. Our team is continuously growing against the backdrop of ever evolving global financial markets, skill sets, perspectives, and expertise through learning and real-time application.

Our project management teams have exceptional skill in defining, building, supporting, and working with the following resource teams at GRI:

  • Data Analysts

    Finding information on global companies not currently followed by other investment analysts is challenging. Our team combs through individual financial statements, often translating, cleaning, and interpreting language, data, and nuance, in order to build detailed and accurate financial information on emerging growth companies. In addition, the team will often work with new or emerging data sources to test and interpret newly available data. Our data analyst teams understand the challenges of collecting and standardizing data and act as a formidable beta tester for new information providers.
  • Fundamental Analysts

    Going from raw data to actually creating insight is the expertise of our fundamental analyst team. This team is broken into specific sector teams, with audit support, to generate comprehensive financial models on unfollowed emerging growth companies. By arranging this team into global sectors, individuals can harness both local and global business dynamics at the industry level. Blending common model inputs, such as a common price of oil, sets an appropriate level playing field for all companies, while allowing for company specific flexibility and interpretation. The results of this effort are clean, insightful, and timely models on nearly 1000 global emerging growth companies.
  • Quantitative Analysts

    Advanced mathematical and statistical tools are used for risk modelling, portfolio performance interpretation and back testing the strategies across longer timeframes. Ever evolving tools, techniques and insights are then used to validate model within various market conditions.
    We also utilize the latest tools for the most efficient project solution. Leading technologies, like Python and MongoDB are being used to deliver efficient and highly effective solutions.


At GRI, you can shape and steer your career beyond big corporate hierarchies, focused solely on the basis of your passion, talent and performance. With employee friendly policies, GRI welcomes both experienced and fresh graduates. For newer graduates, we have a well-defined career path which starts with a rigorous six month training program followed by immersive on-the-job training.

Our Equity Research analysts are well-versed in deconstructing a company’s detailed financial reporting and generating financial estimates based on proprietary research utilizing industry specific valuations across comparable metrics.

Our technology team is comprised of skilled professionals fluent in various technologies. Our current focus is on Python Programming for quantitative finance, data analytics and web based reporting and data visualization.

Our flat organization encourages people to take individual responsibility for their role and fosters open discussions with management. We provide ample career opportunities in an ever-evolving and dynamic industry.

We firmly believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

Candidates interested in joining the GlobeFlex team may forward their CV to us with a cover letter tocontact[at]globeflexresearch.com.